What are the best materials for engraved pictures?

Dark colored granite and marble produce stunning results. Closed grain wood species like cherry, hard maple, and alder produce fantastic results with excellent depth of field.

What is the best way to send pictures?

I can work with most files like JPG and TIFF, also keep in mind the higher the resolution the better. With that being said, not every picture is suitable for engraving. If you have a image you are considering to have engraved, please contact me.

Can you work on metal?

The CO2 laser by itself will not mark bare metal; however, anodized and painted metals can be marked. However, the CO2 laser can be used on bare metal if coatings such as those from Cermark are used prior to using the laser. There materials are thermally fused into the metal to produce permanent markings.

Will the CO2 laser cut metal?

The wattages used in this grade of equipment will not cut metal.

How thick can a piece of wood be to be cut?

The machine I have can cut through ½” thick hardwood. Of course the density of the material will affect the end result. Typically any thickness of wood greater than ¼” thick will exhibit a slight concave surface due to the interaction with the laser. Also thicker materials tend to be darker on the edges where cutting took place due to the slower feed rate and are therefore exposed to the high heat for a longer period of time.